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Machine guarding products are employed to protect personnel from robots and heavy industrial machinery, whilst still allowing access by engineering with quick detach panels.

All Panels are easily modified for cutting without hot work on site.

PDF data sheets

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+44 1672  841 404  sales@metalmesh.ltd.uk

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Machine guarding.co.uk

Machine Guard Aerosol Cages Mesh Partitions

Utilized throughout the server industry, we are leaders in server cages and site security

Our Machine guards are continually improved working in conjunction with companies like Jaguar and BMW. The main benefit of this product is its 'Drop panel' ability allowing any panel to be taken out for maintenance of the equipment inside our machine guards. Various accessories insure that EN standards can be complied with including the necessity for a tool to dismantle the machine guard. The simple design means minimum fixings and components.

Existing mesh guard?

Our light guards, doors and sliding doors can be retrofit to any of existing machine guard, you can change your layout at any time.